As they say, the Devil makes work for idle hands.

As a collector and enthusiast of mechanical timepieces in the modern era, we can always support our hobby as long as we have the knowledge to do so. We live in a world of Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Well established sites such as OnTheDash.com allow enthusiasts to enjoy sources of information that were once very difficult to put together without the Internet.

There are countless websites out there covering Rolex, Tudor, Heuer, Patek Philippe and all manner of other brands but as someone who has been trying to bend their head around Vacheron Constantin models over the years, the experience has been “slim pickings”.

This website is the start of a personal journey of discovery. Documenting over 265 years of Vacheron Constantin references isn’t really they key aim of the site but as a community-lead site, we’ll sure try to make a dent in it. You never know, it might be useful to someone out there.

So given that this site was borne mid 2020 COVID-19 lockdown, and there is nothing better to do, we might as well have a jolly good go and have some fun along the way.



Michael Gerrard has been a collector and enthusiast of mechanical timepieces since 2015 and after going all-in on a Vacheron Constantin Overseas 4500V with silver dial in 2019, he’s never looked back. He’s based in Droitwich in the UK, has worked as a Cisco Contact Center engineer for over 14 years, and (obviously) a fan of all things haute horlogerie. Moderator of the Vacheron-Constantin Facebook group with 20k+ members.



Instagram: www.instagram.com/maltesecrossblog

Personal Instagram: www.instagram.com/mjgerrard